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Davidson Property Advocates

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Secure the Best Outcome

In the property market, the more anonymous a buyer or seller is, the bigger their advantage. You can be as unidentified as you like. Your details and privacy are completely protected. 

Anything you tell us about yourself, your finances, your other properties, or your preferences absolutely stays between us. Discretion is guaranteed. 

We help people buy beautiful properties every week. CEOs, SMSFs, executives, first home buyers and medical practitioners from just about every specialty trust us to keep them informed; providing every little detail that might impact their ability to make financially sound decisions.

They have confidence in Davidson Property Advocates because we are a data-driven, statistics backed business. We’ll provide you with the objective truth about any property – growth potential, school district appeal, previous selling price, comparable properties, etc. We use meaningful knowledge, backed by facts. 

Choosing us to represent you means attention to detail, calm unflappable confidence and award-winning negotiation strategies. Your interests always come before anyone else’s. 

The best negotiators are completely at ease. That’s us.

Make Wise Decisions.

We want you to make the right decision at the right time. And that hinges on us keeping our promises and communicating whenever and however you choose.

We’re committed to radical transparency. So much so, that we give all our clients access to a dedicated portal that outlines every buyer advocacy activity we execute — phone call, property inspection and effort we’ve made on your behalf. 

When the day comes that you’re finally buying a home in Melbourne, we’ll both know no stone was left unturned. 

Tonya Davidson

“My focus is on protecting and championing your cause. Achieving property goals is nerve-racking, stressful and risky for most people and for too long, buyers like you have been at a disadvantage. I want to disrupt the disparity and make things fairer." 

I’ve had a long and successful career in Melbourne real estate. My most satisfying moments have always involved helping people. Building relationships, mentoring, and sharing people’s joy when they secure their dream property, are the reasons I’ve been in this industry for so long. Many of my clients are now good friends. 

I established Davidson Property Advocates so my love of people and all things property could continue to drive the way I do business, but I could determine the ethos I’m trustworthy and inclusive and value honesty. My professional approach as your buyers advocate is to be tenacious, diligent, respectful, and firm but fair.“ 

— Tonya Davidson


Tonya's Bio

Tonya’s property career began in 1992 – the next year she became the youngest entrant and first female auctioneer to win the coveted Victorian Novice Auctioneers Competition. In 1993, she was invited to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) as a trainer, and elected secretary of her REIV branch. Her early and instant success was just an indicator of things to come. 

In 1997, Tonya reached the state finals of the inaugural Australasian Auctioneering Competition, and again in 1998. She has received several sales awards, including the prestigious Number 1 Sales Award from a field of 100 sales people and 27 offices – the first person at her company to ever achieve over 100 transactions in one year! Tonya has also sat at the negotiating table for some of Melbourne’s most significant sales. 

Tonya’s long and successful real estate career was powered by her passion for helping people, collaborating with others, and a sense of responsibility to do the right thing by people who relied on her. Soon in high demand as a mentor, coach and trainer to both young and seasoned agents, Tonya became one of Melbourne’s most sought after personal business coaches. Her client list is an impressive read. 

Since establishing Davidson Property Advocates, Tonya has achieved outstanding results for buyers and vendors alike and, in 2022 and 2023, was recognised as Buyers' Agent of the Year by the REIV's prestigious Awards for Excellence.

You may have seen Tonya in the media. Her business acumen and negotiating skills have led to many appearances. These include being named as one of Cosmopolitan Magazines most successful women, appearing on “11AM”, the SBS documentary ‘The Bidding Game” and numerous property shows. 

When she’s not searching Melbourne real estate, Tonya is focused on her three children, husband and rescue dogs or, meeting up with friends. She could be running, boxing, barracking for Geelong in the AFL, cheering at the Melbourne Tigers basketball, or camping. The last one she does solely for her kids!

Claire Merrigan

For Claire a desire to deliver premium results makes her an excellent addition to the Davidson Property Advocates team.  

She brings with her a wealth of experience to her role which not only enhances the support she provides to the team but also the experience of each client. 

Her real estate career began after she completed her bachelor’s degree in Management Marketing. She embarked on a role with a premium real estate agency in Adelaide, where she was recognised and rewarded for her dedication. From there Claire made the move to Melbourne and commenced work at one of Melbourne’s premium real estate agencies where she worked alongside some of the top agents in the Bayside area. Claire has showed determination to harness the learning opportunity on offer. Claire is always striving to better herself and as a result provide service to clients and colleagues that is above and beyond. Her commitment to personal growth and her collaborative spirit have made her a valued team member. 

Claire’s background in customer service also makes her a strong representation of Davidson Property Advocates client-oriented approach. Aligned with the companies’ spirit, Claire promotes an approach where the clients’ needs are primary. 

 Staying physically active and spending time outdoors are vitally important to Claire. In 2018, her love of running inspired her to complete the New York Marathon.


Tracey Macmillan

With a decades’ long career in the healthcare and medical device industry, Tracey has now combined her skills in sales and customer service with a passion for real estate. 

Living and having owned several properties on the Mornington Peninsula, Tracey’s personal experiences provide a framework to support and advise her clients through the process of both purchasing and selling a home. Tracey routinely connects her clients with her large network of local trades and businesses, a bespoke service that both enhances and simplifies the experience for her clients. 

Tracey has enjoyed a long and successful career as a company Founder and Sales Director, a business that flourished with Tracey's entrepreneurial flair and experience in corporate boardroom negotiations. In her role as a Property Advisor, Tracey is able to draw on her extensive experience in effective communication and strategic selling and has developed strong relationships with the local real estate industry. 

When away from the negotiating table, Tracey enjoys coastal walks and spending time with her husband Andrew and adult children Hamish and Alice. Also, for the past 14 years, Tracey has voluntarily worked with the executive team at the Epilepsy Foundation to raise community awareness and funding for research.  

Helena Chow

Helena has had a decade-long association with CEO Tonya Davidson and the company is both proud and thrilled to have Helena be a part of it. Helena not only brings a sophisticated depth of real estate and property knowledge, she also has a degree in accountancy and finance  and qualifications as a CPA which equip her with special insight and understanding of clients’ needs . 

Fluent also in Mandarin and Cantonese, Helena is able to draw on this along with cultural appreciation and respect. Helena’s career has taken her to some very sophisticated and high-end negotiations whilst acting as a well respected agent at a prominent Toorak firm. Her impressive track record is underscored by her extensive knowledge, communication and negotiation skill set.

Helena joins our firm with values that are synonymous with Davidson Property Advocates, namely communication, knowledge and a focus on the client and their outcomes. These values ensure that the right decisions are made for the client every time.

In addition to her interest in properties, Helena is an enthusiastic traveller and self-confessed foodie with a particular love for Japanese cuisine. Other interests include spending family time with her husband, two sons and her gorgeous Cavoodo called Charli

Helena与首席执行官Tonya有着长达十年的合作关系,公司为Helena 成为其中的一员而感到自豪和兴奋。Helena 不仅带来了對房地产深入瞭解的房和知识,她还拥有会计和金融学位以及注册会计师资格,这使她具备了对客户需求的特殊洞察力和理解。


Helena加入我们公司,其价值观是Davidson Property Advocates的代名词,即沟通、知识和对客户及其结果的关注。这些价值观确保每次都为客户做出正确的决定。 

除了对房产感兴趣外,Helena 还是一个熱愛旅遊和自称的美食家,特别喜欢日本料理。其他兴趣包括与她的丈夫、两个儿子和她的小狗Charli 共度家庭时光。


Caesar Davidson  

Elegant, lively, and good-natured; Caesar is the prize jewel of the team.

While untrained in real estate, Caesar knows how to make himself at home between Tonya and Claire's desks.

Russian Toy Terriers were nearly wiped out twice in the 20th century. As a survivor, Caesar is equipped with the strength and resilience invaluable to any growing business.

Caesar has practical experience in companionship, snoozing, and munching on bacon strips.

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Davidson Property Advocates

15 William Street Cremorne 3121 Victoria Australia